To view the work calendar, please go to



In order to make the calendar as flexible and powerful as possible, anyone is allowed to make changes to the calendar.   However, please stick to the following change/add rules:


- If you want to sign up for a specific open slot, just do it.

- If you want to remove yourself from a scheduled day, you may do so as long as the date is 14 days in the future.   Otherwise, please coordinate this with Marla.

- If you need to make a last minute trade, please try first to find a replacement yourself.   Marla will help if she can, but it is really your responsibility.

- If you want to trade days with someone else, make sure both of you are quite clear on the trade.   This is the only instance you are allowed to touch someone else's name event.  Make the trade in the schedule.

- If you feel comfortable working solo, please put an asterisk (*) after your name when you sign up.

- Please do not sign up to work with someone who has an asterisk (*) after their name unless all the other slots are filled.

- If you feel uncomfortable about changing the calendar, please email Marla on your desired changes.


To View the Calendar

- Go to this link:!calendar/c123e


- Go to, go to the "Contact" page and select "Calendar" in the lower right corner.  


To Edit The Calendar

- Go to

- IF you do not get a sign in screen, you need to sign out of your current account.   To do this, click on the name in the upper right corner and select "Sign Out".

- Sign in with the following information:


Password: cmagcmag2


To Add Your Name to the Calendar

- Click on the blank area of the day you want.

- Enter your name in the slot marked "What".

- Click create event.

- Enter your name.  Put an asterisk beside your name if you are willing to work solo.


To change to a new date

- Drag and drop your name event from the old date into the new date slot (try not to move anyone else's events).


To delete your Name event

- Click on your name for the day you are deleting.

- Click on delete (again, careful about deleting someone else).


To find what days you are scheduled

- Enter your name in the search box in the upper left.

- Click on Search my calendars.


Sign Out - Sign out when done.

- Click on the name in the upper right corner and select "Sign Out".



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