Herb Dreo


I inherited my carving tools and bit of talent from my father—a master carver from Austria. I inherited additional woodworking tools from my father-in-law in 2001 and then started carving—the first love affair. In 2005, I bought a lathe and the second love affair started, turning a variety of bowls, vases and lidded boxes. 

My advice? “I’m living proof of finding a passion and some talent in the arts. Take some classes and find if you’ve got some hidden within you.” 

As much as possible, I try to salvage wood that has been cut and is going to the dump. If you get me a chunk of wood, there will be a free bowl in it for you. 

Email:  herb@dreomc.com

Web:   dreowoodart.com

Phone: 303-763-7334

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